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Why Volunteer in India | Ehsaas
Promoting Traditional Medicine through experiential learning

Why India

The culture of India has changed only by virtue of assimilating a number of new social behaviours but continues to retain its essence as being one of the most vibrant and lively cultures of the world. The Indian culture resounds with multiple influences and myriad beliefs, each of which has richly contributed to enhancing values and ethics of this great culture. The great part of the Indian culture is that although it is like a sponge – absorbing and learning, it continues to hold its own – consistent in its dynamism, vibrancy and adaptability.

Our culture has influenced The West and they have adopted key aspects like yoga, meditation and even the traditional medicinal system of Ayurveda, and these have only strengthened with time. In our own country too, the youth are actively supporting and using these systems and have taken them to new heights. In order to spread the efficacy of these systems and imbibe the vibrancy of the Indian culture, it is a great idea to seek out volunteering options in India.

India is rich because of its heritage and historical places and monuments. Living the village life in the country is truly an invigorating experience and when you volunteer to teach children of the downtrodden and poor sections, you enjoy the country and contribute back to it.

The people of India are friendly and deeply appreciative of kind gestures and volunteering brings you more than your fair share of thank you (s). The smiles and expressions that you receive from those you help bring a warm glow to your heart and you leave the country with precious indelible memories that are worth more than any other form of gratitude.