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Why Volunteer in India with Ehsaas ? | Ehsaas | Experiential Volunteering
Promoting Traditional Medicine through experiential learning

Why Volunteer in India with Ehsaas?

Why should you choose Ehsaas and not one of the million other companies out there offering volunteering programs in India?

Our Philosophy

We don’t sell social issues to attract volunteers to come to India, period. We think anyone’s primary reason for visiting India for a short term volunteering program, should not be the pity for the education system here, kids in orphanages, gender inequality etc. Most companies out there use these very social issues, your sympathy and your zeal to help as a tool to get you apply with them and make a fortune from it. We instead want you to come to India because you want to learn from its rich culture, its traditions, its colours and want to work with the local people at the grass root level so you can better experience it.


Unique Program

We pride ourselves in offering a unique program in India. A program that combines volunteering with learning. A program where volunteers not only help but in turn get helped. Apart from the program, our locations are unique too. Our program location is chosen with a single aim in mind, “Offering the true taste of India”. We don’t have any long-term programs in any of the Metropolitan’s because we believe they are not the true India. They are very modernized, but we understand that our volunteers are in India to experience the ethnic cultural India, which definitely doesn’t reside in the Big Metropolitans. We are so confident of our program that in case you can find a program which offers the same experience as we do then we would offer you a placement with our program, free of cost, no questions asked.


Experiencing another culture

Thinking is not experiencing. Seeing is not experiencing. Experiencing is Experiencing. You can read a lot about India and the culture, you can see all the pictures however till you have actually experienced the Indian culture yourself, you have no idea how different and how diverse it is. Diversity is Unity in India. Our programs are a unique combination of Quality Volunteering Experience, Cultural Immersion and Excursions.


Pre departure information and 24/7 emergency support network within India

We will provide you with all the information that you need before you land in India. This information will contain all the emergency contact numbers in India, Climate information, Transfer routes, Airport Information, Visa Information, What to Pack, What to expect. Our project co-coordinators are assessed against the feedback provided by the past volunteers so they make every effort to make sure that your stay is as easy and fulfilling as possible.


Project Continuity and Funding

Going through us helps program partners being able to focus solely on the task of rebuilding communities. Part of the program fee is passed on the program partners which in turn provides an additional incentive for the partners to make sure that your experience in India is a great one. Also, you know that part of the fee you are paying is providing the program partners with additional funds for continuing the projects.


Quality Volunteering Experience

Ehsaas is run by people who are not only familiar with India but have also spent a great deal of time overseas. This means we not only understand your individual needs as an international traveller, but we believe we also know a great deal about what will be classed as a great experience by most of incoming volunteers. We understand that you being born in a good country and having enjoyed a good life does not mean you should feel guilty about it. Essentially we don’t want it to be too big a shock for you. We don’t want you to feel good about yourself out of pity for some people that you might come across in India. You should feel good because you deserve it. We want to provide you with a good experience, as we know when you are happy that’s when you are going to contribute the most to the projects you are involved with.


Safety and Support

Another vital benefit of volunteering through us is Safety. We understand that it’s a first time in India for 90% of our volunteers and we want them to feel safe in a country where they have not traveled too before. We constantly monitor our program partners with regards to workplace health and safety measures and  try to make sure that the volunteer work is carried out in Safe, secure surroundings for our volunteer friends. You will have 24-7 support from our team whilst you are in India.


No Subcontracting

We don’t subcontract volunteers, everything is done in house. A lot of volunteering companies overseas subcontract volunteers to work in India with local companies. It is quite possible that 3-4 big Volunteering companies overseas might be sending their applicants to just 1 place in India, all handled by 1 guy in India. In some places you might find volunteers from 3-4 different companies working at the same site in India with all of them having paid a different price. We don’t do that. We have been in business for over 10 years now and even though we are a relatively young company we have made some real inroads into the whole volunteering industry and are challenging the way volunteering tours are organized by other companies.


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