Promoting Traditional Medicine through experiential learning


“Volunteer Tourism: It’s not a group tour; it’s not an individual tour, it’s not volunteering in strictest sense of the word only and it’s not backpacking. However it’s a mixture of all of these things in right amount. And the best part; it offers best value for your buck.”

Gone are the days when people would pay huge amounts of dollars to spend a month in India. Gone are the days when people would either backpack through India or use a travel agent to book a tour. And gone are the days when only a selected few could serve the society and gone are the days when you could only experience another culture through reading books. Hello Volunteer Tourism!

The idea is you buy a ticket from your home country and land in India and we will pick you at the airport, give you an experience of a life time, and drop you back at the airport in India when you are finished with your Volunteering experience. Our target audience is anyone who has a little bit of interest in Spiritual and/or Cultural side of India with an affinity towards a different culture and a heart to help the local communities and give back to the society. You are not required to have any previous volunteering experience and/or background in Medicine, instead, all we need is the zest to jump in and led ad lending hand. We understand that not everyone is cut out to work in a hospital or work with terminally ill people in a volunteer role.

If you want to experience something interesting, which is fun our programs are for you. To be honest some of the places where we take you on the volunteer programs are a kick in itself. You will not need drinks or any other stimuli to work your senses. The customs of these places and the scenery are enough to keep you captivated and intrigued while you are there.