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Volunteering Experience in Kerala

Every aspect of your volunteering experience with us has been carved out with just one aim in our mind:  Offering you the truest taste of India and its Culture.

We at Ehsaas pride ourselves in offering the most enriching and refreshing experience to our volunteers. Your Volunteer placement, transfers, accommodation, cultural lessons, orientation, outings; everything has been planned around the sole idea of creating an experience for our volunteers so that they experience India from its roots. India is a land of Diversity, Culture, Spiritualism and History, which cannot be truly understood by being just a tourist.

Project Location

Our project is located in the small town of Kannur in Kerala. Our project location is the most unique and we don’t think there are many other companies running the same kind of program in the same locations as we are. We have carefully chosen these sites to give our volunteers the most authentic Indian experience. We did not choose a location considering the ease of organizing a placement but rather chose it on simple criteria; Which city can offer the most authentic, unadulterated and safe Indian experience for our volunteers.


All our project locations have Homestay accommodations. We choose Homestays over guesthouse, Serviced Apartments or Hotels as staying with a local family is the only way one can live the Indian way of life and experience the centuries-old Family traditions and Culture. All homestay families are carefully selected on the basis of their abilities to handle international volunteers and offer the unique experience the volunteers have come from.

Cultural Activities/Lessons

All our programs include activities that help our volunteers get in touch with the culture and people of India through its culture, customs, and traditions. Our programs are designed for volunteers to experience the vibrant and ancient culture from its roots. All our programs include Orientations, Field Trips, Local Area Sightseeing, participation in festivals, weddings and local activities, Cultural lessons such as Traditional Dance and Cooking. If it gives you a taste of India, it’s on your program.

Weekends/ Free time

We understand that apart from the time which we have planned there needs to free time in which our volunteers can enjoy and experience India the way they want to. Sometimes going unassisted can be better than having assistance. Firstly Our project locations are places of such interest that volunteers are rarely free and always have something to do and Our local coordinators with their extensive knowledge about the city and the nearby areas are always there to suggest, plan and organize the activities for the free times.

Local Coordinators

At every project location, we have a local coordinator who is in charge of managing our volunteers and providing them 24,x7 support and assistance. The local coordinators are specially chosen local people who have spent their lives in that city and are the best people to have knowledge about the local cultures and traditions. With a country like India where everything from food, language, customs, and traditions changing within a few hundred kilometers it is imperative that our volunteers have a local who can give them the true taste of Local life.

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