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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By submitting my Online Application, I have agreed to participate in one or more of Ehsaas programs and agree to follow terms, which govern my placement.

  • I agree to follow all applicable rules and policies of Ehsaas and its partner organisations, the laws of the host country(s) and the guidelines of the communities I travel to.
  • I understand that I need to pay an application fee of USD 250 before Ehsaas engages itself in my volunteer placement.
  • I understand that all program contributions must be paid in full at least 30 days prior the Program Start Date.
  • I certify that all of the information I have provided on the online application is correct. I agree to stand by the financial, academic and conduct policies (Para 1) set forth by Ehsaas and partner institutions/organisations.
  • As Ehsaas will be working on my behalf, I hereby authorise the release of my application and other records to its affiliated partner institutions/organisations.
  • I understand that Ehsaas or the sponsoring institution reserves the right to cancel or alter any program or course for any reason.
  • I agree and understand that the fee Ehsaas charges is not limited to the fee associated with organising an individual volunteer program placement but covers cost of advertising, program promotion, office expenses, salary of local staffs, rent of local offices, hostel/home base and utilities, and other field costs.
  • I have understood and agree to the refund policy (Para 2) and the Disclaimer (Para 3) set forth by Ehsaas.
  • I have understood my placement in detail, asked questions and cleared any doubts relating to my placement.
  • I am also responsible for any additional costs I may incur during personal time, on activities that are outside the scope of the program or occur before or after my program dates.
  • I understand that neither Ehsaas nor its partner organizations will provide me with insurance of any kind, including travel and/or medical insurance.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to advise Ehsaas of any medical conditions that may affect my participation in the program or put my health at risk.
  • I understand that I am responsible for organising and applying for my tourist visa to India for the purpose of participating in Ehsaas programs.
  • I understand that International airfares are not included in the program fee.
  • I understand that I would have to bear all Bank/Paypal transaction charges for paying application, program and any other fee related to my volunteer placement and program in India.
  • I understand that Ehsaas has a zero tolerance policy towards the possession and use of illegal substances. If I am found in possession of, or are under the influence of such substances, Ehsaas will cancel my program immediately and no refunds of my program fees will be issued.
  • By joining one of Ehsaas programs I agree that Ehsaas, without my prior consent may use photos, videos, any comments (written or verbal) and written feedback relating to their program to be used on website, partner sites and on marketing or promotional materials.
  • In consideration of the benefits accruing to me from the Ehsaas Volunteer Program and other goods and valuable consideration, I do hereby release and discharge Ehsaas and any and all of their agents, employees, or representatives including persons, parties, organizations or agencies collaborating with them, from all actions, suits, claims, or liability for damages or other legal or equitable relief of any nature resulting from, arising out of, or related to my participation in the volunteer program.
  • I release Ehsaas, its officers and agents, from any and all claims and causes of action for loss of property, personal injury or illness, accident, delay or expense sustained by me arising out of any travel or activity conducted by or under the control of Ehsaas.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the standards that are expected out of Ehsaas volunteers, not only by Ehsaas as a volunteer placement organisation, but also by the Ehsaas in-country coordinators, the homestay families and providers of accommodation and, most importantly, the projects and charities that we work with. Ehsaas is fully committed to responsible volunteer travel and sustainable tourism. The code of conduct is designed to help you achieve the most out of your placement in a safe manner. It also ensures that the organizations and people we work with are treated with respect and that consideration is given to other cultural aspects during your placement.

Please note that breaches of the code of conduct may result in your placement being terminated without compensation.

At all times you commit to:

  • Listen to, and follow the advice or requests of your Ehsaas in-country Coordinator.
  • Understand that you are a representative of not only Ehsaas but also your country of origin and act accordingly.
  • Respect, and seek to understand, the culture of the country you are placed in. This involves being tolerant to varied approaches of the locals and their lifestyle.
  • Follow your project rules; respect your home stay family and local community regarding consumption of alcohol, smoking and other controlled substances. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly banned in all home stays.
  • Be aware of potentially different attitudes towards sexual relationships in the country which you are volunteering in and understand the effect that any such relationship may have on individuals and the local community.
  • Be aware of the potential medical hazards of becoming involved in a sexual relationship with local people in the country which you are volunteering. (i.e. HIV, STDs).
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity. Dress appropriately at all times with regard to the culture you are living in.
  • Not engage in political demonstrations or illegal activities.
  • Understand that the project and accommodation booked and provided is non-changeable in country without the prior approval from Ehsaas.
  • Consult your Ehsaas in-country coordinator outside normal working hours only for an emergency.

At the project placement you commit to be:

  • PROACTIVEJump in and maintain a positive attitude. Understand that volunteers are required to be a resourceful, self-starter who can handle situations where schedules are sometimes non-existent and resources are scarce.
  • PATIENTLife in your host country moves slower than one you might be used to. Relax and enjoy the slow pace. Remember, not everything is as organised and predictable as life in the west.
  • FLEXIBLE – Plans change, roads get flooded, and electricity goes out. Realize that not everything goes as planned in developing countries, but good intention is always there.
  • CONSIDERATERespect those around you and be a reliable worker at the program site. Tell your host family if you will be late. Advise the Project Coordinator if you are sick and can not work.
  • RESPECTFULRemember that the local people you are working with, side by side, do so with little or no salary. They do this work because they believe in it. There may be times when you may not agree with or understand the organisations decisions or direction. Although your suggestions are always welcome, your faith, respect and consideration for their long term work and commitment is appreciated.
  • FRIENDLYIn order to truly help someone you must get to know them. Do not be afraid to make friends with the local people. Smile, wave and see how fast you are welcomed into the community.
  • TOLERANTThe food, the culture, the smells and the sounds will be unfamiliar to you at first. We recommend that you dive in and experience life head-on. You will be surprised at how quickly you will adapt.

At your host family home stay or other accommodation you commit to:

  • Respect local custom and abide by the rules of the accommodation in which you are staying.
  • Check with either the home stay family or owner of accommodation before inviting anybody to your room.
  • Respect the accommodation you are using and pay for any damage you may cause to the property.
  • Keep your room clean and tidy. Offer to help with chores around the home.Not smoke in your accommodation unless the owner allows
  • Stay at the accommodation allocated to you.
  • You are not allowed to make your own accommodation arrangement for security reasons.
  • Settle any outstanding phone and other bills before leaving the accommodation.
  • Be aware that there will be no refunds for food/accommodation if you decide to go on trips or leave early.
  • Do not smoke or use alcohol in your accommodation.

Volunteers may encounter challenges and difficulties during their placement. If you require support, you must follow our support procedure:

  • Attempt to resolve the issue yourself.
  • Contact your Local Coordinator within 48 hours* to explain the issue and the steps you have taken to resolve it. Then together try to arrive at a solution.
  • Contact Country Coordinator, outlining the facts in writing. We will respond within 48 hours.

* All Issues must be reported to Local Coordinator and/or Country country within 72 hours. Any issues/problem/complaint reported after 72 hours of the date of first sighting shall not be considered by Ehsaas for resolution whatsoever.

Refund Policy

In order to maximise the value of our programs to our participants, Ehsaas makes financial commitments on your behalf prior to the program start date. Accordingly, we have instituted this limited refund policy for which we make no exceptions. All cancellations must be signed and sent in writing via fax or mail. Phone calls and e-mails are not acceptable.

The USD 250 application fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be made other than those specified below. If a participant withdraws after the payment due date, but prior to the actual start date of the program, Ehsaas refund policy is as follows (measure: 1 week = 7 calendar days or 168 hours):

•  If the participant withdraws 8 or more weeks prior to the program start date, Ehsaas will retain 10% of the program fees and refund the rest.

•  If the participant withdraws 4 – 8 weeks prior to the program start date, Ehsaas will retain 50% of the program fees and refund the rest.

•  If the participant withdraws 4 weeks prior to the program start date, Ehsaas will retain 100% of the program fees.

•  No refund will be provided if a participant withdraws after the program start date.

•  If a participant wishes to defer participation to a future program, the application fee will be applied to the cost of that program but will not be refunded.

• No refund is given in case the applicants does not accept the volunteer placement and withdraws application for reasons not mentioned previously in the application.

•  Participants who have not yet paid program fees in full for reason of financial aid deferment or other payment arrangements will be held responsible for the above stated costs depending on their date of cancellation.

• Once the program begins, no refunds are granted for meals, housing, tuition, program placement costs, Ehsaas-sponsored activities or excursions or transportation unused by students due to absence or any other reason.

•  In the event that the participant wishes to discontinue their program early, there will be no refund and Ehsaas will not be responsible for arranging premature return travel in such circumstances.

•  Once the program is completed no refunds of any sorts are given

Refund Processing Time : Minimum processing time for all and any refunds is 6 to 10 weeks. Ehsaas would be liable to pay an accumulated annual interest of 35.6% should it fail to process the refunds after 10 weeks.


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