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Some other interesting facts about India ( What the fuss is all about)

– 220 of the Fortune 500 companies source software from India.

-India has the largest film industry in the world.

-India is among only 6 countries in the world to have satellite launch capabilities.

-One out of every 8 new mobile users in the world is an Indian. India has one of the largest television networks in the world, with over 300 channels and 500 million TV viewers.

-50 percent of the world’s tea is produced in India


–Over US$380 billion of investment needed in 5 years in the following areas:

Power, Telecommunications, Roads ,Ports, Civil ,Aviation & Airports Petroleum & natural gas Urban Infrastructure

– Over 100% growth in demand for key services in the next 5 years in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Construction, Retail and Tourism

– Over US$180 billion of investment opportunity in 5 years in the following sectors Metals: Steel ,Aluminium ,Textiles & garments Electronics and hardware Chemicals Automobiles Auto components Gems & Jewellery Food & agro Products

–Over 300% growth in the knowledge sectors in the next 5 years Health care IT and ITES Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology


India’s competitiveness from a natural and human resources standpoint is making it the destination of choice for investors. India is a fast-growing economy with a dynamic and robust financial system. India being a democracy ensures a stable policy environment and its independent institutions guarantee the rule of law. This highly diversified economy has shown rapid growth and remarkable resilience since 1991, when economic reforms were initiated with the progressive opening of the economy to international trade and investment. Events such as the Asian currency crisis, the dotcom bust and rising oil prices have had no significant impact on India’s growth, with the economy recording an average annual GDP growth of over 6.5%in the past decade. Going forward, the country is targeting an average GDP growth rate of over 8% per annum. India is in the global arena for increased foreign investment – both through the Equity markets – termed Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). While its size and growth potential make India attractive as a market, the most compelling reason for investors to be in India is that it provides a high return on investment. India is a free-market democracy with a legal and regulatory framework that rewards free enterprise, entrepreneurship and risk taking.

–Large and growing domestic market 300-million-strong consuming class and growing at Over 8% p.a.

– Versatile, skilled human capital, the world’s largest pool of English speaking scientists and engineers.

– Abundant resources large mineral reserves and one of the largest producers of Agricultural Commodities

– Robust legal and business support systems independent judiciary and accounting systems.

– Sound economic fundamentals moderate inflation rate and increasing savings rate

– Steady economic reform regime over a decade and a half of economic reform

– Healthy, vibrant financial sector transparent, modern and well-governed financial sector

– Enriched quality of life cosmopolitan, multicultural lifestyle

– A growing Medical Tourism sector

( This article has been pinched from an Indian govt website, feel free to pinch it from here and post it wherever you want)

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