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View of Himalayas from Ramgarh

6 dreamy Holiday Destinations in India

Are you desperate to throw off the cloak of office etiquette and chaos and turn in to a relaxed traveller and searching for some surreal holiday destinations? This exposition highlights 6 holidays destinations in India that allow you to conquer high peaks or submerge yourself in the depths of culture and also be able to reveal the most concealed thoughts racing through your mind. Make time to nestle in the arms of nature and feel a sense of calm and hush that would be both thrilling and inexplicable. These destinations will not leave you indifferent any longer to the wonders of nature and its inhabitants. But rather than take our word for rid, pack your bags and be ready to go on a ‘real’ vacation that will leave you tranquil and yet restless for more.

Sattal or Sat TalVisit Sattal that is snugly cradled amongst the highest regions of Uttarakhand and is almost intoxicating in its appeal. It is the ideal getaway, resplendent with the energized sounds and exceptional beauty of nature – verdant hills, cerulean skies, topaz clear lakes brimming with the colors of the rainbow due to the large number of exuberantly colored fish and the myriad yet distinct sounds of the forest animals and birds.

Sattal is welcoming despite its introversion as the locals mirror the natural beauty through their warmth and smiling countenances. No vacation is fulfilling unless you have the right place to stay – so choose wisely. The topography of Sattal supports a variety of activities to ensure that you never need to think twice before visiting here again.

Pauri seems to have preserved itself well – you can actually feel the unfazed and unhurried sense in the air. A trip to Pauri will not just relax and rejuvenate but will also awaken the wayfarer in you and urge you to discover beauteous nature as truly as possible. The green valleys, 7 snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges, the soothing toll of temple bells and thick lush forests will render you speechless.

As the day gives way to night, the sun puts on one of the most spectacular performances and the silence lends a feel like the whole region is in attendance. Darkness permeates only to reveal the silver laden sky and the crisp chilly night air. The innocence of Pauri will leave you breathless and you might thank your lucky stars that brought you here.

Elephants at Rajaji National parkRajaji National Park is situated amongst the splendorous backdrops of vast and jaded mountains, lush landscapes and dense forest vegetation. The River Ganges seems to bless this natural greenery as it gurgles along right through the middle of The Park. Grab the opportunity of staying in the midst of this green haven by choosing resorts in the heart of the Park. These resort allow you to soak in the grandeur of the forest even from the comfort of your room and the sit-outs serve as areas that allow you to catch sight of the wildlife around.

The largest land mammal lives here in large numbers and announces their superiority through regular trumpeting. There are other magnificent beasts like Leopards, Jungle cats, Wild boars and an overwhelming number of bird species too – with so much water and blankets of green Rajaji National Park is the ideal home.

View of Himalayas from RamgarhRamgarh’s misty beauty will leave you in a trance for a while. This place has a quietude that will connect you with your thoughts in a way that seemed impossible in the city cacophony. Take up a pen and paper and take pride in being a writer even if for a few hours. Nature might also inspire you to capture it in your own representation and the urge to splash colors over a plain sheet of paper will overtake you.

At Ramgarh you will be in ‘fruit bowl of the Kumaon’ and even though your routine robs you of the time to eat a fruit, you will be mesmerized by the hues of pink, crimson, peach, red – and will instinctively reach for these gems as they dangle invitingly. Don’t be abashed to let rivulets of juice run over your mouth and go back to your childhood days for a while. You can also undertake treks and other such activities. Ramgarh is also ideal to lounge around and actually do nothing without the guilt – does it get any more surreal?

Whether you catch vacation time in the winter or summer, nature seems to have prepared Narkanda for any season. In the summer the region is bursting with colors – the tall and stately pine trees wear their green armor, the majestic hills cloaked in emerald and capped with thick sheets of snow still unfazed from winter and innumerable drapes of gossamer and pink from the blooming cherry and apple blossoms.

Narkanda is enthrallingly vivacious as activities like Burma Bridge, Fox Flying, River and Valley crossing are possible here. If Narkanda pleases in summer, it takes your breath away in winter – heavy snowfall laden the grounds, the hills and those stately trees with thick sheets of shimmering white. It becomes a skiing paradise even for first time skiers as the slopes are graded based on experience levels. You get the boastful label of ‘a skier’ even if you actually ventured in to this activity for the first time.

If tradition, heritage, culture and listening to tales of bravery and martyrdom excite you then Auwa, near Jodhpur is your ideal destination. The region has reason to be proud as it was the site for the beginning of the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny and the place still has relics and ample tales to relive the struggle, bravery, sacrifice and martyrdom of those involved. Auwa is also blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, well-made villages and awesome views of the Aravalis.

Go through the midst of these mountain ranges when you take a joy ride in the meter gauge train that chugs along slow enough to hop on and off as you please. The villages display grace and harmony and look serene in the columns of gleaming white of the noon sun. The aura of the place gets heightened when the soft honey hues of the sinking sun casts its spell. Added to this Auwa affords the opportunity of many leisure activities and thus has all the ingredients of a rather unique and memorable vacation getaway.   Experience and relish!

The splendors of India are many and varied and seem to be spreading their arms to welcome all. Are you still waiting?

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