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Volunteer in India | Ehsaas Volunteering | Feel to heal
Promoting Traditional Medicine through experiential learning
  • Traditional Medicine Volunteering
    Traditional Medicine practice is a very hands on approach where in physical touch plays an important part in the diagnosis and the treatment of an ailment. As a volunteer at the clinic you will get to learn various Ayurvedic massages and Therapies.
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  • Traditional Medicine Volunteering
    It's important to understand the underlying concepts and theories behind the Ayurvedic therapies therefore before our volunteers get to volunteering at the medicine clinic they must attend in-depth theory and practical lessons.
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  • Traditional Medicine Volunteering
    To truly let experience traditional medicine our volunteers are placed at a traditional clinic where they get to work with the medicine man(Vadhiyar). Volunteers not only get to help out with preparing the medicines but also give treatments to local patients
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Volunteer in India

Ever wanted to Volunteer in India? Not just volunteer for a social cause but experience India from its roots, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture and learn from the centuries old traditions. Ehsaas, based in India, facilitates in promoting Traditional Medicine through Volunteering. Our volunteer project is an experience and not just a placement. Volunteering in India with us offers a unique combination of affordable, community focused and meaningful projects coupled with cultural immersion in the form of Home stays, yoga lessons, cooking lessons, dance lessons to truly soak you into the rich culture of India. We are not here to sell the social issues like Poverty, Women discrimination, etc in India but rather create an opportunity for you to use volunteering for a social cause, to step into our culture and experience our land called “India”. 

When you enroll to volunteer with us, you can be rest assured of an adventure of a lifetime that would change your outlook towards other cultures, their traditions and way of life and an enriching volunteering experience that would make you cherish your life even more, whilst giving you a chance to make a difference in the lives of the locals and be a part of their success story. You would be surprised to see how big a change you can bring about, how a small act of selflessness and kindness can make a lasting impact. Volunteering with us is more than just volunteering. If you feel the need to get out of your comfort zone, take a plunge into the unknown then come, Volunteer with us.
Let us show you our vibrant world.

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Learn, Practice, Volunteer

Are you trying to learn more about Alternative medicine? Wish to learn and experience how traditional medicine in the eastern countries is used to heal ailments naturally without the use of any chemicals? Yes? You have come to the right place. We at Ehsaas have designed our volunteer project to help you experience traditional medicine inside out. Not only learn the science but see it being practiced in the real world under the guidance of experts. Our project takes a three-pronged approach: theory, practical and volunteering. As a volunteer with our program, you undertake theory and practical lessons under the guidance of local Ayurvedic and holistic experts on various aspects of traditional medicine ranging from recognizing medicinal plants to medicine preparation to oil massages or dynamic stretching etc. and the best part is you don’t need to have any background in medicine or Ayurveda. The project also includes Yoga lessons as it is complimentary way of life to Ayurvedic Science.

These lessons equip you with the in-depth knowledge of various medicines and treatments which facilitate your volunteering phase at the traditional medicine clinic. You would be placed at a clinic run by an Ayurvedic medicine expert serving the local community which prefers Ayurvedic medicine over western medicine. While volunteering at the clinic you not only get a chance to serve the local community but practice your new gained knowledge.
Your days would be spent helping the Vadhiyar preparing medicines & massage oils, giving treatments to patients, bandaging etc

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Volunteers Speak

Partinder Singh
Founder - Ehsaas


First of all a big thank you for choosing our beautiful country, India, as the destination for your next adventure. I am the founder of Ehsaas, a stay at home dad, enjoying the best days of my earthly life with my 4 year old son. Apart from my son, the only other thing that truly gives me a euphoric kick is, India, and Ehsaas is an endeavour to share “My India” with you all in the most authentic way possible.

I started Ehsaas about 6 years ago and after multiple iterations, it has evolved into its current avatar, an amalgam of learning and volunteering. Honestly, Ehsaas too started out like many other volunteering providers you might have come across, organising and offering paid volunteer programs across India ranging from teaching to women support to working at the orphanages etc. But, something didn’t feel right – After a year of starting out we evaluated the effectiveness of short term volunteering program and found that it made no or a negative effect. Moreover, we were charging people to volunteer, thereby monetizing India’s social issues and profiting from our volunteer’s goodwill and zeal to help the communities overseas. We just could not do it anymore. We completely overhauled ourselves and the result is our Traditional Medicine Program.

If you are reading this you have already taken the first step towards having the most enriching and humbling experience of your life, and we at Ehsaas are dedicated to ensuring the same. No matter whom you choose as your facilitating organisation, please do come, give India a chance to show you its beautiful and mesmerising self and get enchanted by it forever.

I look forward to welcoming you on board Ehsaas and giving you an experience of a lifetime.

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